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Tandoori Style Cauliflower


A tandoor is actually a type of clay oven and there is a specific combination of spices that is used to give tandoori dishes their characteristic red hue. I love preparing cauliflower in a tandoori

Tandoori Style Cauliflower2020-04-12T18:10:31+00:00

Coriander Sesame Chutney


Coriander is a wonderful addition to a healthy diet as it enhances digestion, its great as a garnish but making a fresh chutney like this one ensures you're getting a larger amount of this powerful

Coriander Sesame Chutney2020-04-11T14:47:00+00:00

Curried Chickpeas – Chole


This dish features chickpeas, with their faintly nut-like flavour and smooth texture. Chickpeas are rich in protein-nitrogen compounds. Cooked in this spicy sauce they're great served with Puffed Fried Breads (Pooris), with chapatis, or with

Curried Chickpeas – Chole2020-03-23T19:50:31+00:00

Quick Berry and Chia Jam


This jam has nothing in common with our grandma's preserves because A) it has no sugar in it whatsoever and B) it doesn't take forever to make either. Pretty wonderful, don't you think? You can

Quick Berry and Chia Jam2020-03-21T21:19:17+00:00

The best eggless pancakes… ever


These eggless pancakes are fluffy, yummy and quick to make. This is a great recipe for kids as they are pretty easy and success rates are high. You can easily veganize the recipe by substituting

The best eggless pancakes… ever2020-03-21T21:26:27+00:00

Easy Vegan Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies


As well as being absolutely delicious, these cookies are gluten free and vegan. You put them together in about 10 minutes, they're easy to make and everyone loves them...what more could you ask for? From

Easy Vegan Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies2020-03-21T11:00:59+00:00

Golden Immunity Elixir


Easy to make and effective to the max, now is as good a time as any to boost your immune system and keep colds, flu and other nasty bugs at bay. This drink is amazing

Golden Immunity Elixir2020-03-21T09:52:49+00:00

Tahini Almond Bliss Balls


These honey-sesame balls are insanely delicious, healthy and quick to make. Could you ask for more? It’s the kind of thing you want to make a batch of once a week so you can nibble

Tahini Almond Bliss Balls2020-03-03T17:44:31+00:00

Ayurvedalife Spring in English


Did you know…? Each of us is unique - our genetic constitution, our nature dictates how we react to what is going on in the world around us. Following an Ayurvedic lifestyle allows us to

Ayurvedalife Spring in English2020-04-30T10:37:34+00:00

Indian Vegan Cookery Class – Saturday February 1st


No better time than winter for a warming adventure into the authentic use of spices in plant-based Indian Cookery. We'll create a full Indian meal using local, seasonal vegetables and discuss the Ayurvedic principles behind

Indian Vegan Cookery Class – Saturday February 1st2020-02-02T17:20:45+00:00