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Red Velvet Soup


I discovered this high-protein, iron-rich soup in What to Eat for How You Feel. -I love it's velvety texture thanks to the use of legumes as a thickener as opposed to potatoes or flour. This

Red Velvet Soup2019-10-25T11:04:23+00:00

Peanut, Coriander & Tamarind Chutney


This fresh chutney is basically an Indian pesto, it's quicker to make than a cooked chutney plus, coriander is so good for your digestion it makes a lot of sense to have a good helping

Peanut, Coriander & Tamarind Chutney

Nourishing Date Smoothie


This frothy date shake is a delicious quick breakfast in the cooler months, I also love this as a healthy afternoon pick-me-up snack. When you hit that slump at 3 o'clock and start craving chocolate

Nourishing Date Smoothie2019-10-16T09:39:12+00:00

Tri doshic Balancing Tea


Feeling a little off and not sure why? Prepare this herbal tea and drink warm or hot 2-3 times a day, add a little raw sugar or maple syrup if you like. Ingredients: 1 teaspoon

Tri doshic Balancing Tea2019-10-15T15:03:45+00:00

Basic Kitchari Recipe


If you are even semi-familiar with the science of Ayurveda it is likely you have heard the term Kitchari being thrown around. Kitchari is an Indian dish commonly used as both food and medicine in

Basic Kitchari Recipe2019-10-04T10:59:38+00:00

Seasoned Aubergine Rice


This flavoursome aubergine-laced rice dish from the state of Gujurat in Western India is an ideal main dish rice for any lunch or dinner menu. YIELD: enough for 4 to 6 persons Ingredients: 3 tablespoons

Seasoned Aubergine Rice2019-09-27T21:14:37+00:00

Sunflower-sesame dip or dressing


This white, creamy, tangy sauce is a great soy free “veganaise”. Plus its rich in good fats, protein, calcium, and iron. It is a great topping for quick raw salads, and goes really well with

Sunflower-sesame dip or dressing2019-09-27T21:11:17+00:00

Creamy Cucumber & Basil Soup


This super creamy cucumber gazpacho requires just one blender and 10 minutes! It’s healthy, light, and refreshing. It requires only basic ingredients and comes together in 10 minutes, let’s say 5 if you are fast

Creamy Cucumber & Basil Soup2019-09-27T21:12:09+00:00

Shirazi Salad


This crisp salad makes a refreshing accompaniment to heavier foods because it’s dressed very simply with fresh lime juice. There are many variations of this salad, I like to include pomegranate and dried mint. Ingredients:

Shirazi Salad2019-09-27T21:04:35+00:00

Indian Vegan Cookery Class – November 10th


SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10th Kick autumn off with an aromatic adventure into authentic plant-based Indian Cookery. We'll create our own spice blends in order to cook a full Indian meal using local, seasonal vegetables and discuss

Indian Vegan Cookery Class – November 10th2020-01-08T12:04:10+00:00