Autumn Ayurvedic Cookery Online

Learn how to cook delicious dishes that will boost your immune system.
Cook intuitively without using recipes.

Learn how to cook nutritious food that will make you feel good in this 3 week hands-on cooking course. One of the aims of the course is to go beyond recipes so you can prepare dishes to suit your unique constitution in an intuitive way, always using Ayurvedic recommendations for autumn.

Ayurveda is an ancient Vedic science that comes from India, it is the mother of natural medicine, the sister of yoga and is a preventive and holistic science. Ayurveda teaches us to identify our unique mind-body type and how to keep ourselves in balance through a diet and lifestyle tailored to our particular needs. Hence its effectiveness.

Ayurveda is a universal science, Ayurvedic cooking is not limited to Indian cuisine, you can create healthy and delicious menus by applying ayurvedic advice to dishes from all over the world.

In this course:
You’ll learn to take care of yourself by cooking and enjoying  100% plant based meals.
You’ll understand the principles that make food strengthen your immune system (ojas)
You’ll see the relationship between your diet and your emotions
We will always cook with ingredients that enable mental harmony (sattva)
You’ll be introduced to the use of spices and how to combine them to create your own masalas
You’ll see how to prepare full menus and delicious herbal teas
You’ll understand the secrets that make your food easy to digest
Learn how to organise your Ayurvedic pantry

The course consists of:
3 Live ONLINE Classes, one each week, you can cook with me live from the comfort of your own kitchen, I will answer your questions step by step as we prepare each dish. At the end of each class we will have a full menu to enjoy.

If you can’t be there during the class, don’t worry because they’ll be recorded, you will have access to them after the class. You don’t have to be online during the class, just watch it at your own pace.

You will receive the shopping list in advance.

The course includes 3 E-books, one for each class, where you’ll get all the recipes plus an introduction to the key concepts of Ayurvedic nutrition to strengthen your immune system (ojas).

The live classes will be held on these dates:
Class 1: Saturday 14th of November at 11:30 – 13:00 ESP
Class 2: Saturday 21st November at 11:30 – 13:00 ESP
Class 3: Saturday 28th November at 11:30 – 13:00 ESP

Your Teacher
Sara Shaikh has been giving 100% plant based Ayurvedic cooking classes for 6 years. Her teaching style is eminently practical but anchored in the classical texts. She discovered Ayurveda in 2006 and has trained in Ayurvedic Nutrition in India as well as Spain. More details about Sara here.

Do you need previous knowledge?
NO, consider this your entry point to discovering a healing diet that will make you feel great.

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Registration closes on November 7th

The price for the complete 3-lesson course is 68€

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