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Did you know…?
Each of us is unique – our genetic constitution, our nature dictates how we react to what is going on in the world around us. Following an Ayurvedic lifestyle allows us to feel well  on every level. We survive dragging minor ailments and discomforts that we’ve become used to living with, and yet by changing our diet, outlook and daily routines we can feel radiant.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient Vedic science from India, it is the mother of all natural medicine, it is a preventive and comprehensive science. Ayurveda teaches us to identify our unique constitution and how to stay in balance thanks to a personalised diet and lifestyle that meets each person’s specific needs. That’s why it works.

AyurvedaLife is a very practical course where you will discover and implement the tools you need to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Learn Ayurveda to live it. We’ll go through the foundational knowledge, philosophy and practice to adapt them to your life and those around you.
You’ll see how to incorporate simple habits that will change your body, mind and consciousness. The idea is that you learn the theoretical basis of Ayurveda dynamically and also improve your lifestyle, under the guidance of Sara Shaikh, Ayurveda Therapist and Nutrition Specialist.
Each class has a practical component in order to integrate the theory better, Sara’s teaching style is very hands-on.

Classes are held at Sara’s home-school, in the Malaga countryside, near Villafranco del Guadalhorce, where she’s been giving workshops for 4 years. It is an easily accessible, peaceful area which is well connected and has plenty of parking space.

Each meeting is a micro retreat that takes you towards your wellness, it’s much easier to reconnect with our true selves when surrounded by nature. And so we revisit India’s traditional teaching method, where students spent the day in the “gurukul”, the teacher’s house.


Classes will be held in the countryside near Coín between 11:00 and 18:00.
The course is structured in 4 meetings, the exact dates are as follows:

Sunday, May 17th
Sunday, June 14th

Saturday July 4th
Sunday, July 5th

Each all day class includes a seasonal Ayurvedic meal, hand-out full of theoretical knowledge and herbal tea galore! Plus 10% discount on personal consultation or herbal supplements, whatever you prefer.
Each student will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the 4th class.


1. Pranayama session to balance our elements.

2. Key Elements
Principles of Ayurveda. Theory of elements and their qualities.

3. Tridosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha and their qualities. Balance and imbalance.

4. Genetic constitution and imbalances …
Personalised diagnosis via Prakruti, Vikruti and Mental Structure questionnaires

5. Students receive their notebook self-analysis.


1. Round of questions, we share our self-analysis observations.

2. Let’s implement
Practical workshop: Daily morning and nighttime routine.

2. Kala, time
How to organise:meals, schedules, sleep, exercise, work.

3. Diet
Doshic eating. Plan your menu with what’s at your fingertips.
Emotional and mental function of the different flavours in food.

4. Water
Hydration in your life.


1. Review how you feel now after a month implementing new habits.

2. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for each constitution for spring.

3. Practical Workshop: Essential Ayurveda staples and their benefits: ghee, golden milk, golden honey, Agni churna, digestive churnas, Kichadi


1. Review how you feel now after a month implementing new habits.

2. The mind according to Ayurveda …
Practical Meditation and Pranayama.

3. Ayurvedic remedies in your pantry. Heal many common imbalances with the spices and herbs in your kitchen.

4. Marma, energy points to heal different imbalances. Practical application of the useful ones for every day ailments.

5. Doshic Yoga, your daily practice according to your constitution and/or imbalance.

6. Receive your Certificate of Assistance.

This course is for you if…

– You are always exhausted.
– You feel disconnected from yourself.
– You want to fine tune yourself sustainably.
– You practice yoga asanas and want to complement this with a yogic lifestyle and diet.
– You were always interested in ayurveda but it always sounded too complicated.
– You don’t know anything about Ayurveda but it fascinates you.
– You want to lose weight.
– You’re bloated and constipated.
– You have heartburn and skin problems.


The price of the full course consisting of 4 meetings is € 400, if paid in a single payment.
The price for each session is € 110, the timetable is from 11:00 to 18:00 and always includes a full Ayurvedic meal.


Payments made before March 1st, will receive a special discount, in this case the cost will be € 310 to be paid in a single payment.
Payments made before March 25th, will also have a discount, the total price in this case will be € 370 to be paid in a single payment.

You can also make pay at each class, the price for each session is € 110.

* Payments are not refundable. The amount paid will be refunded only if the school decides to cancel the course.

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