Pre Breakfast Stewed Apple

Here’s a new concept for your morning routine, it isn’t a new fangled spin on coffee, a crazy green smoothie combination or warm lemon water. No, I present you the concept of starting the day with a stewed apple as your pre breakfast, the closer to the moment you wake up you eat it, the better. You can put in the pan to cook while you’re in the shower, it only takes minutes to cook. If you can’t spare the time to peel the apple, cook it unpeeled but don’t eat the skin as it’s very hard to digest so early in the day, while sleeping your stomach goes into rest mode and needs some time before it’s back to full speed. In Ayurveda we always compare our digestive capacity to fire, if you were to light a fire, you’d start off with twigs and not big logs, so if we want our digestive fire to rekindle in the morning, we should start off gently by eating easily digested foods and then move onto heavier things as our digestive fire, or agni in sanskrit, awakens. Raw foods require more digestive capacity, so a raw apple will be easier on our stomachs at the end of the morning or in the afternoon. Cloves, on the other hand, are a great addition to this as they enhance our digestion and open the circulatory channels in the body without overheating us. I think you’re going to love this morning cooked apple situation.

If your digestive tract is prone to overheating, try a pear instead of an apple – if you’re the opposite and your digestion is slow, add a stick of cinnamon as well as the clove to your pan.


½ cup of water
2 cloves
1 medium apple, preferably a sweeter variety like Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji o Pink Lady

The Magic:

Add water and the cloves to a pan on medium heat while you peel the apple and cut it into pieces, add the apple to the pan.
When it starts boiling, turn down to low heat and cover the pan.

Simmer for 5 minutes or until the apple is soft and transparent but not mushy.

Strain and eat the apple as soon as it cools down

You can drink the remaining liquid as a tea or add it to your oatmeal, for example.


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