Sin Colorantes

Recipes to warm your belly and nourish your soul

Nourishing Date Smoothie

This frothy date shake is a delicious quick breakfast in the cooler months, I also love this as a healthy afternoon pick-me-up snack. When you hit that slump

Tri doshic Balancing Tea

Feeling a little off and not sure why? Prepare this herbal tea and drink warm or hot 2-3 times a day, add a little raw sugar or maple

Basic Kitchari Recipe

If you are even semi-familiar with the science of Ayurveda it is likely you have heard the term Kitchari being thrown around. Kitchari is an Indian dish commonly

Seasoned Aubergine Rice

This flavoursome aubergine-laced rice dish from the state of Gujurat in Western India is an ideal main dish rice for any lunch or dinner menu. YIELD: enough for