Sin Colorantes

Recipes to warm your belly and nourish your soul

Coriander Coconut Chutney

Refreshing and delicious, there are a million variations of coriander-coconut chutneys. This particular one is also very nutritious what with the protein-packed addition of both chana dal and

Tandoori Style Cauliflower

A tandoor is actually a type of clay oven and there is a specific combination of spices that is used to give tandoori dishes their characteristic red hue.

Coriander Sesame Chutney

Coriander is a wonderful addition to a healthy diet as it enhances digestion, its great as a garnish but making a fresh chutney like this one ensures you're

Curried Chickpeas – Chole

This dish features chickpeas, with their faintly nut-like flavour and smooth texture. Chickpeas are rich in protein-nitrogen compounds. Cooked in this spicy sauce they're great served with Puffed

Quick Berry and Chia Jam

This jam has nothing in common with our grandma's preserves because A) it has no sugar in it whatsoever and B) it doesn't take forever to make either.