Yogi Tea

This warming drink will keep the cold away thanks to it’s fantastic blend of spices, as the seasons change I change the combination of spices to suit what’s going on in nature- this one is wonderful for autumn and winter: make a big batch at the first sign of a snivel steer clear of flu season.
Sipping a cup of this tea will cleanse your blood, clear the lungs and your circulation. It is pretty important to drink it with milk (whether it’s plant based or not, is up to you) as it mellows the effects of the spices on your stomach and GI tract. I often make a concentrated version that I keep in the fridge and then add boiling water to it to heat it up.

2 litres water
15 cloves
20 black pepper seeds
3 cinnamon sticks
20 cardamom pods, best squashed open to get the effects from the seeds
9 half cm slices of ginger
Milk and sweetener to your liking


Heat water in a pot add all the spices and allow to simmer down until you have 1 litre of liquid.
Filter through a sieve, add milk and sweetener of your choice and enjoy sip by sip.


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